Artwork: what may be artistically connected to the product

Customizing the graphical aspects of your Board is not only a way to make it look good, it is changing your personal relation to it. Because this is what the Handmade is all about: the Board is no longer just a mean for you to have fun out there – it becomes something to share memories with, something you want to take care of.

Artists interpret the experience of being human. They provide society with emotions, color and texture. Without Art, the world would tend to be flat, dull. Because we like and support the local community, we strive to put their work forward and get their message out there. Hear what they have to say.


Lukas has been on the forefront of the Snowboarding scene for about 20 years, no need to introduce him anymore. Many know him for his golden years spent traveling and filming for the Pirates Movie Production, fewer know about his current artistic retraining. Lukas is a true relic of the original skateboarding spirit, a mark of the passing time. He challenges the boundaries of rules, society and imagination. He adresses the big questions in life, and truly contributes to opening cultural horizons.

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Klara Indiana

Klara is a charismatic young artist, impregnated by Love and Nature. Standing at the intersection of many different cultures, she represents a modern blend of flavours from all over the world. Her artwork touches the roots of Life and awakens the spirits of Nature. Purpose and Perceptions are the seeds of the process, where personalities can be converted into illustrations. For those who know about Totem traditions, her drawings are said to treat traumas/illness by mending the soul…

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Viktoria Ella Egg

Viktoria is an artist and snowboarder based in Innsbruck, specialized in aquarelle, acrylic paintings and the use of precious metals. Vicky comes from a creative family where she encountered her passion for art very early (rumors say she started painting as soon as she was able to hold a pen). She decided to become a professional artist at age 15, while enrolling at one of Austria’s most renowned schools of arts, crafts, and design. She received a profound education in a broad variety of arts and craft techniques, with a special focus on gold, copper, and brass plating. Ever since graduating she has refined her skills; today, she is an outstanding artist both in terms of creative expression and technical expertise. Her creations are definitely inspired by the Mountains, where you’ll find her snowboarding basically every day in winter. 

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