Artwork by Lukas Goller and Tobias Ludescher
 157 cm  –  Width 29.5/25.2/29.5 cm  –  Area 40.5 dm²

157cm twin tip, 25.2cm waist width (29.5/25.2/29.5), light camber, smooth nose & tail rockers, grip and spin sidecut

“Laax” by Lukas Goller and Tobias Ludescher

Poplar / Ash core, Fiberglass & Epoxy, black sintered PE base, Maple topsheet, Bamboo sidewalls, Cork tip spacers

High bending and torsional stiffness between the bindings gives stability and edge control at higher speed, while the softer tips stand for good ollie and smooth landings. This combined to a “grip&spin” sidecut (grippy edge under the feet, longer radius between the bindings for spin-offs), and you have a kicker beast! The board remains playful for all-around playgrounds, with smooth nose & tail rockers (early tips rise)

Freestyle off-roads, half-pipe, kickers