“Death Feather” by Lukas Goller
Size 157 cm  –  Width 30.5/25.6/29.5 cm  –  Area 41.1 dm²

157cm twin tip, 25.6cm waist width (30.5/25.6/29.5), light camber, powder nose rocker, progressive tapered sidecut

“Death Feather” by Lukas Goller

Poplar / Ash core, Fiberglass & Epoxy, transparent sintered PE base on dyed core, Maple topsheet, Bamboo sidewalls, Cork tip spacers

Lively and playful in powder, the shape is made to be ridden shorter than your usual board length. The taper and setback give a relatively smaller surface area on the tail, making it sink naturally in powder and keeping your nose up. You don’t need that extra length to keep it float on the surface anymore, so the board remains playful and easy to manoeuver

Mellow freeride lines, freestyle backcountry