V-shaped sidecut
157 cm  –  Width 29.5/25.6/29.5 cm  –  Area 41.2 dm²

157cm directional, 25.6cm waist width (29.5/25.6/29.5), light camber, smooth nose rocker, drift V-sidecut

Poplar / Ash core, Fiberglass & Epoxy, black sintered PE base, Maple / Walnut topsheet, Bamboo sidewalls, Cork tip spacers

This all-arounder features a unique V-sidecut that prevents edge catching surprises. Straight lining at higher speed has never felt so safe! On the slopes it drifts easily and the pressure points under the bindings hold the grip on icy parts. The flex is overall medium, to keep stability without killing your legs. The light nose rocker and mid-wide tips give you enough floatability to get out of the slopes

Slopes, freestyle all around, powder next to the slopes